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Eye Donation Procedure


The Procedure for Eye Donation is actually divided into 3 parts.

  • Pledging of eyes by the prospective donor. This is preferred but not necessary.

  • Consent of the next of kin to donate after the death of the individual

  • Calling the Eye Bank to retrieve the eye of the deceased and implementing the directions of the Eye Bank to help keep the corneas in a good condition till their arrival.

The eye Bank team arrives and within approximately 30 minutes the cornea is harvested, stored in a preservative medium and taken immediately to the Eye Bank. Here the cornea is tested, evaluated and distributed as per rules laid down by the Eye Bank Association of India.

The Donor :

  • The most important action you can take to ensure you will be a donor is to tell your family and legal representative. It is helpful if they know how you feel in advance.

  • Keep a donor card with you at all times so it will serve as an indication to your family, your legal representative and hospitals of your intention to be an eye donor.

The Donor’s Relatives :

  • The Donors relatives have the authority and moral responsibility to donate the eyes of the deceased, especially if the donor expressed his desire during his/her lifetime

  • Get the family to consent for eye donation .


  • Get the valid death certificate quickly.

  • Contact the eye bank as soon as possible.

  • Close the eyelids and cover it with moist cotton and keep it moist till the eye bank team arrives

  • Switch off the fan (Switch on the air conditioner if possible).

  • Raise the donor's head by 6 inches by placing two pillows under it.

  • Keep the consent of the family members of the deceased donor ready, as it is mandatory




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