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Eye Bank Association of India                         www.ebai.org

Eye Bank Association of India's Mission is to continuously educate general public about preventing blindness caused due to corneal disorders and wherever cure is required facilitate availability of cornea in the shortest possible time.                           

L V Prassad Eye Institue                                  www.lvpei.org

L V Prasad Eye Institute is a world-class eye hospital, research, and training centre located in Hyderabad, India. Its mission is to provide excellent and equitable eye care to all in a caring and compassionate manner.                                                            

L V Prasad Eye Institute set up the Ramayamma International Eye Bank (RIEB) in 1989.

The RIEB has the infrastructure, facilities, and staff expertise to attend to the entire gamut of activities associated with eye banking, from core activities like cornea retrieval, evaluation and distribution, to wider functions such as training, research and the conducting of public awareness campaigns.

It runs exclusively on donations made by voluntary organizations and philanthropists. 



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